Biblical Permaculture - What is it?

Before I can talk about Biblical Permaculture, let me talk about Permaculture (which literally means permanent agriculture).


I got this from a long list of definitions

Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of the landscape with people providing their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way. Graham Bell, The Permaculture Way

Permaculture Attributes

  • Sustainable: Big Ag isn't sustainable for numerous reasons (see tab above).
  • Polyculture: v.s. Mono-Cropping/Culture:
    If you're Mono-Cropping, then anything that's not the crop you planted is, by definition, a weed. When the your mono crop is an annual crop then when it's been harvested you plow the ground which costs money, leaves the ground bare encouraging loss of topsoil and water. The disadvantage of polyculture is that you have to have knowledge of many different species.
  • Aligns with Nature:
    If you're fighting nature, you're doing it wrong. To fight with nature is to fight with God's creation and therefore fighting God....why would you do that? The bugs, fungi, bacteria and non-cash crops all have a purpose (it's like the Creator purposed that). Fighting these things with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides is costly and ultimately counter productive and unsustainable (not to mention causes foreseen problems like critters that become resistant to these things).
    Mob Grazing is a good example of working with how nature was like when the Mid-West was a big Savannah. MiG Pasture Tour.
  • Independence from buying seeds:
  • Water Conservation:
  • Soil Conservation:
  • Cover: Nature, specifically the ground, always want's to be covered that's why there's 'weeds'. As Justin Rhodes said "Nature is Modest".

There was a very long list of definitions for this term, but there was no mentions of God, Creator, Eden (once but indirectly), Bible. There is nothing wrong with that per se (I mean it's there website they can run it however they want) but I think they are missing out a lot.

Bible Permaculture

How do you incorporate this with the Bible i.e. the Torah to make this cool thing called Permaculture even cooler. Exploring through the rest of the tabs at top will give you a better understanding of what I'm talking about. Keep in mind that many of those things are advanced topics and might not get pursed in the near future, but I wanted to lay them out to see where things could go. The neat thing about Permaculture is you (we) can start small and scale up. With a solid understanding and practice of Permaculture I would argue you can make many of the advanced things attainable.

Justifying Permaculture from a Biblical Perspective

I would feel a lot more comfortable on a topic that is important to me if I can see parallels in scripture, asking relevant and thought provoking questions seems prudent. See More.

See also Glossary

What's the Goal

Similar to those listed in Gods Economy

The New Deal is not sustainable

The current Big-Ag approach to growing food isn't working, what else isn't working

  • Politics: W.F.B. Conservatism isn't working anymore and hasn't for some time.
  • Health Care:Better food better health. Way better food way better health.
  • Education:Homeschooling is all the rage, for a good reason
  • Religion: Antinomian Christianity is imploding, they have no biblical answer to the New Deal.

Why waste your time on any of these issues if it's not sustainable.

Tying in Biblical Permaculture

Tying related matters into a holistic thing.

  1. Torah Law Form
    What is the form of law that we operate under?
  2. Sovereignty
    What does this really mean and can you be one of this things on your own?

    No, See Torah Gated Community.
  3. Torah Gated Community (TGC)
    I could envision a TGC fully embracing the practices of permaculture.
  4. God's Economy
    Let's build it!

How can we leverage all this related matters

Justin Rhodes just completed a tour of the county that he called the Great American Farm Tour and during that tour, he visited numerous homesteads in all 50 states. I got to meet him when he came through Phoenix (circa. October 2017) and I asked him if there was anyone doing homesteading as a community. He said there really wasn't any. So my question is, how can we in our TGC leverage our homestead in different but better ways?

Where to we go from here?


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