A biblically based spiritual exercise in how to implement our sacred contract / Covenant with YHVH in the world we live in.

Background, History and Outline

  1. As great as the Founding Fathers of America were, they were nevertheless bound by the baggage of the so called Church Fathers and their antinomian teachings (antinomian: against the the law i.e. the Torah).
  2. I contend that Christianity (representing the House of Israel) was allowed to muddle through history better blessed than the Jews (representing the House of Judah) despite this baggage they had to carry.
  3. The Puritans coming to America had successfully unloaded a big portion of this baggage by rejecting the dogma of the Catholic Church and it's corruptive effects on it's subjects.
  4. Freed from that baggage they were clearly successful and blessed.
  5. But they didn't go Full Torah because brother Judah, who should have been a witness to the Torah, had their on religious baggage in the form of Rabbinic Judaism.
  6. The empirical evidence against Judah did not put her in good position to correct America and here antinomian ways (bad habits are hard to break especially when they have been going on for 1,600 years). I.e. America was not able to fully Shema the Torah.
  7. Things went well with America but eventually these antinomian "chickens came home to roost". Modern day Americans seem lost as forces like Socialism & Islam are successfully rallying against her. America has lost her path.
  8. Why? My Thesis: This was a result of the rise of brother Judah and the blessings that was brought on upon her has indirectly caused the cobbled together religion that America had been following to come apart.
  9. Explain: The empirical evidence against Judah no longer exists. Religious thought in America can no longer rely on dismissing the Jews and, more importantly, the Torah that they represent, to explain away why the aren't honoring the Torah. In struggling with this religious cognitive dissonance some Americans started embracing things like One House Two Covenant.
  10. America has lost her path because America lost here identity. Many Americans in the past had no problem with identifying as Israel but now they have problems knowing what's required of them. Because of this I would say this is the genesis of Hebrew Roots and them asking basic question like 'why aren't we keeping the Sabbath, High Holidays and eating biblically clean foods?'.
  11. As a member of the Hebrew Roots movement I agree, but there's is more to keeping the Torah then these three things.
  1. I certainly believe that we need to be able to show are authority to do these grand things while going forward in our relationship to the world from a position of Peace / Shalom.
  2. So how do you do this? Being someone whose passionate about the law what are some of the steps you can do to make this happen?

Declaration of Independence ver 2.0

A Guidance document


  1. Replace things like Providence with YHVH
  2. Avoid things like Nature and Nature's God as that might suggest a different law form like Natural Law.
  3. Be explicit that America will honor those who have a sacred covenant with YHVH and choose to have a different status...A nation of Priests and Kings
  4. Place a burden on the state to itemize those things that forfeit them from elevating to this status.
  5. Explicitly List the right to private property and the right to contract (and choose not to contract when it violates the Higher and Prior Contract?
  6. Explain how this righteous status can be achieved through the Salvation of Yeshua?
  1. Don't just list the rights from the Creator, itemize the Duties, Responsibilities and Obligations. What are the Terms and Conditions in Torah for those who claim to be Priests and Kings.


Reference Documents

Here is how I would articulate mine:

I operate under the assumption that I’m from the House of Israel and an Ephramite redeemed by the blood of Y’shua of Nazareth.
I claim he is Ha Meshiach and HaNavi who overcame the Bill of Divorce that was given to the House of Israel and therefore allows me to not only do the Torah, but do so with authority.
I claim that I’m a citizen of the ancient Kingdom of Israel, a Kingdom of Priests.
I was born an American which is a country that was formed by the recognition of Creator given unalienable rights, which I claim were given to Israel at Mt. Sinai.

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