What are the Goals?

  • Goals of LMM?
  • Mission Statement
    Tikkun olam b'malkhut Shaddai. Translation: Repair the world in the Kingdom of Shaddai (God).
  • Seeking the blessings promised by Torah
  • Torah Gated Community Concept


  • Moshav / Co-op
  • Private Club with Membership
  • Torah Gated Community
  • What's it's legal structure and how does it interact with the public realm


  • Financing
  • Crypto Currency - Maybe Create Your Own
  • Investors

Sovereignty and Justification related issues

  • Advancing the Kingdom of God today for today.
    This is our true calling (i.e. our Biblical Mission Statement).

    It was said 2,000 years ago that this "kingdom of God" was at hand. Let's make sure we are fully leveraging what we have and not feel like we need to wait on God for something that Elohim has already given us.

    This speaks of to one's attitude and is very important.
  • Understanding the concept of being in the world but not of the world from a legal perspective
    From a legal perspective we can be cognizant of what this means in a tangible way by recognizing that there are worldly jurisdictions and heavenly jurisdictions and therefore you need to be aware, even zealous of, where one ends and the other begins.
  • Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's Render unto God what is God's
    Is this directly related to one's tax liability and can a TGC leverage this in a powerful way?
  • Kingdom of Priests and Kings/Sovereigns
    This gets back to being in the world but not of the world and concepts of jurisdiction.

Promote Currency Flow

  • The currency we call money, is like a current, and it needs to flow or the body dies. Ergo the Elders of LMM need to promote said growth.
    • ToDo: Content hidden
  • Biblical Go-Fund-Me
  • Buy/Sell/Trade in a Private Club
  • Advantage: Leverage the advantages of reduced tax liability being private.


  • Picking your Neighbors
    It's a lot easier if fulfill the commandment 'Love thy Neighbor as yourself' if you neighbors have been vetted to live in a TGC.
  • The individual being held accountable to the community
    The flip side to this is that the community, especially the elders, are made up of community members.
  • Private and Biblical Courts of Ecclesia
    Conflict resolution is held in house.
  • Membership Accountability
    For example 'Are you a member in good standing?' and how does that effect your ability operate in this type of economy.
  • Eleemosynary
    • Welfare provider for members; Taking care of the widow, orphans, Levites and poor
    • Teachers
      • A key part of performing Levite functionality is teaching the Torah
    • To be the exclusive welfare provider for the members
      • We don't want to mix jurisdictions