Torah Grounded Permaculture

This page is a place to put my thoughts on Permaculture coming from a Torah perspective and implemented with a Torah Gated Community.

Lately I’ve become greatly fascinated with permaculture and I perceive that the adoption of this life style to be so huge and impactful on one’s life style that it demands a “Torah Reality Check” before I go forward. Combining my ideas on a Torah Gated Community, another hugely impactful life changer, with permaculture is bigley huge.

Justifying Permaculture from a Biblical Perspective

I would feel a lot more comfortable on a topic that is important to me if I can see parallels in scripture, asking relevant and thought provoking questions seems prudent. See More.


Permaculture: permanent agriculture

Benefits of mob grazing compared to continuous grazing

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Take Away

LMM needs to get in the Biblical Permaculture Business (BPB)

10 Farmers To Pay Attention To

Permaculture Terms

Silvo Pasutre
Mob Grazing
Key Line
Water Retention (rainwater harvesting)
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No till
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No Herbacide
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No Insecticides
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